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There was a time when going green was something that took a lot of time and a lot of effort. While going green is still something that takes a certain amount of mindfulness, the truth is that over the past … Continue reading →
Many business sectors within the UK understand the need to manage their daily practices in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. One of the key aspects of sustainability within business is how companies manage their environmental targets. Many companies seek … Continue reading →
By investing in renewable energy in the near future will ensure that energy customers will save billions of pounds on their energy bills in the years ahead.  Well, this is the opinions of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) – … Continue reading →
The controversy surrounding the government’s Green Deal scheme rumbles on as consumer body Which? has published the results of a survey which showed more than 50% of homeowners would want a Green Deal loan on a property paid off in … Continue reading →
SSE have recently launched a new site focused solely on customer service. This is yet another massive step for them in the customer service department and is likely to help their unparalleled award winning streak. Below is a video featuring the … Continue reading →
Green technology is always something that pricks my ears up. Finding products that are cool, interesting and most importantly green always grab my attention. That is why I really like this infographic which details the benefits of owning a hybrid … Continue reading →
First off, a belated happy new year to everyone. Hope you had a great time. 2013 should be another interesting year in the green-sphere and we are looking forward to covering as much as possible. Speaking of the year ahead, … Continue reading →
The UK government has given the go ahead for controversial plans to resume with a controversial gas collection technique known as fracking in Lancashire. Fracking is a process which involves creating mini explosions under the ground in order to mine … Continue reading →
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