Published News, the new service from Cellogic making it possible for users to navigate through the apps on a smartphone the way you navigate the web, is today exiting from its beta period and launching an accompanying retargeting network. The network takes advantage of's knowledge of deep linking into apps to identify users who have a particular app installed on their phone, in order to
Microsoft today published a short blog post stating that it feels that recent government changes to how it reports surveillance activities are insufficient. Calling the decision by the federal government to publish more information on the quantity of consumer data requests relating to national security each year “a good start,” Microsoft claims the Constitution demands more progress.
Twitter is appointing Vijaya Gadde as its new General Counsel after current appointee Alex Macgillivray has announced his plans to move on. The news came as a post on Macgillivray’s personal site and was shortly thereafter reported on by Mike Isaac at All Things D. Techcrunch has confirmed both the departure of Macgillivray and the hire of Gadde with Twitter. Macgillivray says that he is pl
Bitmonet - think "Bitcoin Monetization" rather than "Bitcoin Impressionist Painter" - is a platform for creation microtransaction-based paywalls on your blog or content portal. While most people don't like paywalls, most people are also going to have to start expecting them and this open source service definitely makes a lot of sense.
It's hard to trust the cloud. With the NSA coming in one end and hackers coming in through the other, complete encryption is key. That's what Lockbox is for. The company, founded in 2008, has accepted $2.5 million in seed funding to further roll out their Client Portal and iPad app.
Transportation tech startup Uber is continuing its aggressive expansion across Asia. As of this week, it is now live in India, starting first with a luxury car service in its tech capital, Bangalore. The subcontinent may boast a potential market of over a billion, a rising middle class and 164,000 millionaires, but these are silver linings to some possibly darker storm clouds: low credit card an
While augmented reality has been around for a while, Augment is trying to monetize it with its platform. The company just released its Business Catalog feature, targeted toward salespeople. For $30 per month and per user, you can carry around all your catalog on your iPad and show how it would look like to your client. It makes sense for furniture, merchandising displays or even art prints. ̶
Today Nokia promised owners of its Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices that its "Amber" update will reach all phones by the end of September. The Amber upgrade is a mix of feature improvements that will improve Nokia's handsets, further setting them apart from devices built by other smartphone OEMs.Amber contains a photo editing tool, improved image processing, the ability to snag motion in sequence wi
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